Newborns: William Alexander

It is such an honor when my client families recommend me to their family for newborn portraits.  LaTara and William were so sweet to share their first baby boy with me, and look how adorable he is!  I fell in love with him right away, look at all his beautiful hair!  I don’t think I have ever laughed as much during a newborn session!!  LaTara and William (and Uncle Robert) were so much fun!  This little boy is going to have many years of love and laughter ahead of him!  I am so thankful that I was able to get his session in before his daddy had to redeploy to Japan.  What a blessing to be able to capture these beautiful memories for this heroic military family.  Hope you are ready for a cuteness overload!!!  Congratulations LaTara and William, he is precious!!!

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New: Lifestyle Session

So, I’ve always {always!} loved the look of Lifestyle Photography.  It’s light.  It’s airy.  It’s easy.  It just looks like everyday life, captured beautifully in your own home.  To me, it seems so real, so genuine, and so close to the heart.  Don’t get me wrong, studio work is still my bestie, it’s just so fun sometimes to step out of the box, and try something new!  When Paige requested a lifestyle session for Lincoln’s milestone, I thought it may be the perfect time to give it a whirl.  Paige and John are so sweet, kind, and welcoming, and because I had already worked with them on their maternity and newborn sessions, I felt more comfortable giving it a go ♥  Well, from the very first moment I stepped foot in their gorgeous home, I felt a warm welcome wash over me.  This immediately put my jitters about the newness surrounding a lifestyle session at ease.  Truly, Paige could be one of Roanoke’s best when it comes to interior design.  Every detail, every pop of color, every placement was just like it came from a high end design magazine.  What a dream to photograph in this space!  The rooms all featured large windows, and the light was happily pouring in.  Honestly, while shooting I just fell deeper in love with lifestyle photography.  Thankfully, Paige and John are so thrilled with the images, and were so sweet to leave me this kind review:  ” Oh my goodness Beth-Ann!! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous – I cannot stop looking at them! My heart is bursting with joy! They are just perfect!! Thank you so much!!” -Paige♥  Of course, this makes me superbly happy, because making the client smile is my first goal always.  I’m so grateful for this opportunity to learn, grow, and expand my creative experiences.  Thank you to the Hutchinsons, who continue to trust me to capture the love in their family!!!  {And be on the lookout for lifestyle sessions to be offered in the future!}


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Newborns: Harper Mae

What a dream!  Harper Mae was just nine days new at her session, and didn’t make a peep!  She was so good and asleep when we got started that I began with the adorable froggy pose.  But honestly, she let me pose her in allll the preciously squishy newborn poses with no complaints!  Such an easy going, super sweet babe and I loved every minute working with her!  It was so fun chatting with her parents, and I thought it really special that Caitlyn brought in a teddy that her husband, Aric, gave her that is exactly like the one she loved and cherished growing up!!!  Now Harper Mae has her own teddy to love, just like her mama ♥  And can I tell you how excited I was that the colors they chose included mint, golds, and pinks?!  Love this color palette, so soft and timeless.  Congratulations to the Palazzola family on their darling new addition!  What a JOY!


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September Milestones!

Well, what a month of celebrations!  Look how big “my babies” are!!!  Happy, happy birthday to Arianna, Jackson, Sage, and Xander!  These cuties are celebrating their birthdays in September, and some in October, and I LOVE the themes and set ups we used for their sessions!  And we can’t leave out precious Lilly for her 6 month milestone, or Sully who was enjoying the milestone session with his sister, Sage!  Precious babes they all are, and I hope they have fun and fantastic celebrations this month, and next! ♥  Here’s some happy smiles for you, and of course, yummy cakes by the Cupcake Cottage and Sweet Treats of Daleville, VA.

storyboard2arianna2 storyboard2arianna3jackson owenslugarowenslugarphoto 8x10compositeowenslugarphotographyimg_1739 img_1648

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August Milestone!

Little Lucy is turning TWO!  You may recognize this sweet face from the COVER of Oh Baby! Planner!!!  She celebrated her first birthday with me a year ago, and was such a doll!  (I’ll share a then and now comparison for ya!)  I cannot believe what a super SMART lady this little one is!  I had such a great time at her session, and honestly, fell in love with her instantly (all over again!).  Lucy has such a fun personality, and speaks just as well as any adult I know!  She had a great time at her session, and her parents are always so awesome at making her smile for the camera!  Happy, happy birthday, precious girl!  You are amazingly awesome!!!



What a difference one year makes!!!  Here’s Lucy at one year, and at year two!!! year-small

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  1. Harriet

    Fabulous pictures! And fabulous subject (from an impartial grandmother)

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Newborns: Catherine Alize “Cate”

What a blessing this little angel is.  Catherine Alize, “Cate,” is more of a gift than she will ever know.  For a little background, Suni unfortunately had to say goodbye to her mother, Joyce Lee Atkins, at her funeral on July 25th at 10am.  This little beauty was welcomed into the world at 10:24pm the very same day.  Just imagining how difficult, and yet how beautiful, that moment was is almost impossible to fathom.  But I, too, have lost my mother, and know that my very own baby carried me through many dark days with her bright smile.  Baby Cate will now do that for Suni and Cameron.  The name “Alize” acutally means “Joy,” which is very fitting since Suni’s mom’s name was Joyce, and little Cate herself brings so much joy with her arrival.  I was so honored, and humbled, to photograph this precious baby, and even more thrilled to be able to capture the images below for this loving family.  Big sister Callie is just a doll, (look at those curls!!!), and so great with her little sister.  She was so gentle during the session, I was truly amazed.  When I asked Callie to give her sister a hug, the honest JOY in her face just melts my heart!  Oh, and we discovered that Cate has a dimple!!!  When she smiled during the session, her little dimple showed!  Swoon!  Suni, I am so thankful I could be there during this moment, and hope you treasure these pictures forever!  Congratulations to the Heflin Family on their darling baby Cate!

IMG_0218 IMG_0090 IMG_0060OtoStudio_BirthAnnouncement_35_back IMG_0122IMG_0073 IMG_0248IMG_0135 IMG_0104Untitled-1IMG_0215

5 Responses to “Newborns: Catherine Alize “Cate””

  1. Suni Heflin

    Beth-Ann, I just can’t tell you how very much these pictures have touched the depths of my soul. In the midst of such grief, you have helped us capture this time and season in such beautiful photos. We could never thank you enough! Cameron, Suni, Callie & Cate

    • Beth-Ann Lugar

      Suni, this makes my heart happy!! I always strive to do my best, but I was especially touched to capture the JOY of baby Cate during this time of sadness for you all. It means the world that you trusted me to work with your girls, and even more that you are so thrilled with these memories!!! Many hugs and lots of love sent your way!!!

  2. Brenda Sharpe

    These pictures are so beautifully done, and to chronicle your journey along with them makes them even more precious. God bless.

  3. sonya mullins

    I have looked at the pics of sweet Cate over and over! Just perfect!

  4. Catina Wright

    Suni is my sister and of course that sweet little precious baby Cate is my neice! The day that we buried our mom Joyce was the saddest but blessed day ever! Our emotions were all of the place but baby Cate will always be a special gift to our family and will always have her guardian angel “Joy”ce (mom) looking over her!

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Newborns: Michael Abraham “Abe”

Can I just say how amazingly awesome it is that my former Spanish students are thinking of me to capture their new and growing families?!!  Shannon was a top student, and one of the kindest people you’d ever meet, and she hasn’t changed one bit!!  It was such an honor to have her share little Abe with me while she and Michael were in town, and isn’t he a handsome one?!  I think he looks so much like daddy!  It was wonderful to see the strong bond between Shannon and Abe, as every single time she would talk to him, he would smile!!!  Parenthood is such a blessing, and a beautiful gift, and I feel just as equally blessed to be a part of seeing these wonderful young individuals become parents ♥ Little Abe wasn’t as thrilled about his studio time as we were, though, and I got to see his sweet face again for a part II to the session!  I’m in love with his images, and am so grateful Shannon and Michael trusted me to capture this moment!  Welcome, Abe!  And congratulations to the Austin-Jabs families!  He is just perfection!

IMG_9894 IMG_9828 IMG_98228x10Composite IMG_9922IMG_9858 IMG_9839OtoStudio_BirthAnnouncement_35_backIMG_9999IMG_9896 IMG_9813IMG_9861 IMG_9778IMG_9902 Untitled-1storyboard

2 Responses to “Newborns: Michael Abraham “Abe””

  1. Shannon Jabs

    We can’t thank you enough for your time and patience spent with Abe! You captured our sweet boy so perfectly! We LOVE them all!

    • Beth-Ann Lugar

      I’m so glad, Shannon! It was such an honor working with you all, and I’m just thrilled you love the images!!! Such a pleasure meeting Michael, and of course the adorable little Abe!!! ♥ Thank you so much for the opportunity! Hope to see you all throughout the first year for milestone sessions! XO, Beth-Ann

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Owens-Lugar Photography • Behind the Scenes

Want to watch a session in action? Here’s a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes of a newborn session I truly love working with these sweet little blessings, and so much patience, care, and planning goes into each and every custom session.  My client families are so pleased with the extra attention given to sanitation during the newborn session, both in the cleanliness of the studio, props, fabrics, and of course, me!!!  Throughout the entire session, I am sure to keep my hands sanitized, pacifier clean, and as an extra measure, I wear a surgical mask as to not breathe directly on your newborn.  The studio is kept at a balmy 85 degrees to keep your newborn warm and comfortable during the session.  An extra space heater is nearby to keep the blankets and props toasty for baby, and the wipe warmer makes clean up less chilly.  In addition to the baby, the soothing sound machine has been known to help parents catch a snooze while I am working 🙂  {Hooray!}

I am so grateful to Jillian’s mama, Lindsey, for sharing these videos she took during her baby’s session!  {Seriously, I have the BEST job!} ♥♥♥

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Newborns: Kylee Marie

I was so humbled when Kelley reached out to me to photograph her second baby, Kylee Marie!  I had the pleasure of working with Kelley and Keith’s first baby boy, Kyree, and it is such a compliment when families continue to choose me!  And Kylee is just gorgeous, from her long eye lashes, to her sleepy yawns, to her perfect pout.  She is a doll!  It was really fun working with her, and catching up with her mama.  Loved that she brought in her belly cast to incorporate into the session!  It was a first for me to work with a belly cast, and I am so happy little Kylee looked so snuggly and comfortable in it!  How amazing is it that I had also chosen some lace details for Kylee to wear in the belly cast, and her mama ADORES lace?!  I didn’t even know, but it was one of those awesome moments during the session.  She even made sure to have lace on her wedding gown!  And I was thrilled that her mama picked blue as a primary color!  I adore little baby girls on blue ♥  Another shot that meant so much to this family was to have Kylee posed with the angel wings, just like her big brother, Kyree.  We were so happy that Miss Kylee ROCKED the froggy baby pose so we could capture that image for her mama and daddy!  She is just precious, Kelley, THANK YOU for sharing her with me! ♥  Congratulations, Keith, Kelley, and big brother Kyree!

IMG_9639 IMG_9707IMG_9658 Untitled-15IMG_9644 IMG_970911x14 4 image collageIMG_9696Untitled-1

8 Responses to “Newborns: Kylee Marie”

  1. Linda Marshall


  2. LaTara Noriega

    I cannot wait for my sons shoot!

    • Beth-Ann Lugar

      Yippee! Looking forward to it! Xoxo

  3. Kelley

    Beth Ann is amazing she is the only person I would trust to capture my children’s first smiles! She has a natural talent and love for what she does and it shows in each picture!

    • Beth-Ann Lugar

      Aww, thank you sweetheart It is always such a pleasure working with you all! Thank you for letting me be a part of it!!!

  4. Heavy


  5. Krislty

    too cute!!!!

  6. Jeanette


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June Milestones!

Yippeeee!  Our June babies are so cute!  This month we celebrated Camille, Jett, Tessa Mae, Kailar, Morgan, and Ridlee!  What a super fun bunch ♥  Happy birthday, and happy milestones to all my sweet families’ little ones!  And thank you to Cupcake Cottage in Daleville for the amazing cakes, as always!  Happy Summer, ya’ll!

8x10templateCOMBO2 LittleSweetDesigns-CakeSmash2-16x20'-300dpicollage3 owenslugarphotographybabyowenslugarphotographyIMG_9231 5 x 7 Template - No 24 image collage

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