Monthly Archives: August 2016

August Milestone!

Little Lucy is turning TWO!  You may recognize this sweet face from the COVER of Oh Baby! Planner!!!  She celebrated her first birthday with me a year ago, and was such a doll!  (I’ll share a then and now comparison for ya!)  I cannot believe what a super SMART lady this little one is!  I… Read more »

Newborns: Catherine Alize “Cate”

What a blessing this little angel is.  Catherine Alize, “Cate,” is more of a gift than she will ever know.  For a little background, Suni unfortunately had to say goodbye to her mother, Joyce Lee Atkins, at her funeral on July 25th at 10am.  This little beauty was welcomed into the world at 10:24pm the… Read more »

Newborns: Michael Abraham “Abe”

Can I just say how amazingly awesome it is that my former Spanish students are thinking of me to capture their new and growing families?!!  Shannon was a top student, and one of the kindest people you’d ever meet, and she hasn’t changed one bit!!  It was such an honor to have her share little… Read more »

Owens-Lugar Photography • Behind the Scenes

Want to watch a session in action? Here’s a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes of a newborn session ♥ I truly love working with these sweet little blessings, and so much patience, care, and planning goes into each and every custom session.  My client families are so pleased with the extra attention given… Read more »