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Newborns: William Alexander

It is such an honor when my client families recommend me to their family for newborn portraits.  LaTara and William were so sweet to share their first baby boy with me, and look how adorable he is!  I fell in love with him right away, look at all his beautiful hair!  I don’t think I… Read more »

Newborns: Harper Mae

What a dream!  Harper Mae was just nine days new at her session, and didn’t make a peep!  She was so good and asleep when we got started that I began with the adorable froggy pose.  But honestly, she let me pose her in allll the preciously squishy newborn poses with no complaints!  Such an… Read more »

Newborns: Catherine Alize “Cate”

What a blessing this little angel is.  Catherine Alize, “Cate,” is more of a gift than she will ever know.  For a little background, Suni unfortunately had to say goodbye to her mother, Joyce Lee Atkins, at her funeral on July 25th at 10am.  This little beauty was welcomed into the world at 10:24pm the… Read more »

Newborns: Michael Abraham “Abe”

Can I just say how amazingly awesome it is that my former Spanish students are thinking of me to capture their new and growing families?!!  Shannon was a top student, and one of the kindest people you’d ever meet, and she hasn’t changed one bit!!  It was such an honor to have her share little… Read more »

Owens-Lugar Photography • Behind the Scenes

Want to watch a session in action? Here’s a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes of a newborn session ♥ I truly love working with these sweet little blessings, and so much patience, care, and planning goes into each and every custom session.  My client families are so pleased with the extra attention given… Read more »

Newborns: Kylee Marie

I was so humbled when Kelley reached out to me to photograph her second baby, Kylee Marie!  I had the pleasure of working with Kelley and Keith’s first baby boy, Kyree, and it is such a compliment when families continue to choose me!  And Kylee is just gorgeous, from her long eye lashes, to her… Read more »

Newborns: Vaughn Warner

Look at this gorgeous baby!  I know, I know… I should say “handsome,” but Vaughn Warner is just gorgeous!  This session was particularly special for me because I have now had the pleasure of photographing all three precious Stohlmann boys, and am SO GRATEFUL that Jodi and Tommy continue to give me this opportunity!  What… Read more »

Newborns: Maxwell Alexander

Welcome, dear Maxwell Alexander!!!  Oh, this little guy was the sleepiest, snuggliest baby!  He was happy just to let me work with him, and pose him so adorably! His parents and I had the best time chatting away during the session, and there were lots of “awww’s” with each new pose.  Maxwell, you are SO… Read more »

Newborns: Baron Reid

Introducing handsome Baron Reid!  This little guy is just something else!  His lips, his little pout, what a precious baby boy!  And he is already so very loved by his big sisters, Reese and Rowan.  They were angels when posing with their little brother ♥  I was so in love with the floral headbands their… Read more »

Newborns: Jillian Claire

Awe, what a little love bug!  Jillian Claire was so super sleepy for her session with me, but yet opened her gorgeous eyes for a few lovely images too!  After looking around and taking it all in, she was happy to go right back to sleep!  It was so great to see her mama, Lindsey,… Read more »