Maternity: Katie + Kevin

This sweet family is so fun!  I had the best time at Katie + Kevin’s maternity session, just chatting away like old friends ♥  It is one of the best blessings of this job:  getting to know wonderful, loving families like this one.  Katie’s family is blessed to soon welcome another little girl, Tessa Mae!  Working with Patrick and Gabby was a blast, and they are some of the most polite and genuinely kind children I’ve had the pleasure to photograph!  Looking so forward to meeting the new addition, guys!  xoxo

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18 Responses to “Maternity: Katie + Kevin”

  1. Emily


  2. H Merideth

    Beautiful mama.

    So glad Tessa is here. ❤️

  3. Kelly Martin

    I love these 🙂 So pretty.

  4. R Alls

    Beautiful family and beautiful photos.

  5. Priscilla davis

    So pretty love them

  6. Nancy

    Beautiful pictures! You look like a goddess in that white outfit!

  7. Andrea

    STUNNING!!!! I love these…

  8. Brittany

    So much beauty & happiness here !

  9. Heather

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL family!! Love yall!!

  10. Sunny P

    I love these! They are fantastic!

  11. Kendra

    Beautiful family! I love the white outfit.

  12. Tiffany

    Gorgeous pictures!!!

  13. Jenn

    So beautiful! Great photography. 🙂

  14. Krista

    Beautiful!!! 🙂

  15. Stephanie Anderson


  16. Ryan

    So beautiful!!!

  17. Tammy fisher

    Beautiful picture, such a happy looking family!!

  18. Erin

    Love these, beautiful!

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