Newborns: Catherine Alize “Cate”

What a blessing this little angel is.  Catherine Alize, “Cate,” is more of a gift than she will ever know.  For a little background, Suni unfortunately had to say goodbye to her mother, Joyce Lee Atkins, at her funeral on July 25th at 10am.  This little beauty was welcomed into the world at 10:24pm the very same day.  Just imagining how difficult, and yet how beautiful, that moment was is almost impossible to fathom.  But I, too, have lost my mother, and know that my very own baby carried me through many dark days with her bright smile.  Baby Cate will now do that for Suni and Cameron.  The name “Alize” acutally means “Joy,” which is very fitting since Suni’s mom’s name was Joyce, and little Cate herself brings so much joy with her arrival.  I was so honored, and humbled, to photograph this precious baby, and even more thrilled to be able to capture the images below for this loving family.  Big sister Callie is just a doll, (look at those curls!!!), and so great with her little sister.  She was so gentle during the session, I was truly amazed.  When I asked Callie to give her sister a hug, the honest JOY in her face just melts my heart!  Oh, and we discovered that Cate has a dimple!!!  When she smiled during the session, her little dimple showed!  Swoon!  Suni, I am so thankful I could be there during this moment, and hope you treasure these pictures forever!  Congratulations to the Heflin Family on their darling baby Cate!

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5 Responses to “Newborns: Catherine Alize “Cate””

  1. Suni Heflin

    Beth-Ann, I just can’t tell you how very much these pictures have touched the depths of my soul. In the midst of such grief, you have helped us capture this time and season in such beautiful photos. We could never thank you enough! Cameron, Suni, Callie & Cate

    • Beth-Ann Lugar

      Suni, this makes my heart happy!! I always strive to do my best, but I was especially touched to capture the JOY of baby Cate during this time of sadness for you all. It means the world that you trusted me to work with your girls, and even more that you are so thrilled with these memories!!! Many hugs and lots of love sent your way!!!

  2. Brenda Sharpe

    These pictures are so beautifully done, and to chronicle your journey along with them makes them even more precious. God bless.

  3. sonya mullins

    I have looked at the pics of sweet Cate over and over! Just perfect!

  4. Catina Wright

    Suni is my sister and of course that sweet little precious baby Cate is my neice! The day that we buried our mom Joyce was the saddest but blessed day ever! Our emotions were all of the place but baby Cate will always be a special gift to our family and will always have her guardian angel “Joy”ce (mom) looking over her!

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