Newborns: Elowen Layne

Oh, this little lady has style!  Elowen Layne’s parents came to me for Maternity Portraits and it was so fun getting to know them, and share in the excitement of this little girl’s arrival!  Elowen’s mama, Alyssa, has such a gorgeous nursery ready for this sweet pea, complete with gold, mint, soft creams, and corals.  It is so stunning, it really should be featured on a nursery Pinterest board!  Amazing ♥  {See below the post for some cell shots her mama shared with me after the session!  Gorgeous!}  So, for this session, we picked out tones and colors that will compliment the nursery and look great on the walls.  And Elowen did so great at her session, she ROCKED the poses, looking so squishy and itty bitty!  I had a blast working with her, and really wanted to keep her!  Enjoy your new bundle of joy, Alyssa and Andy!!!

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Thanks, Alyssa, for sharing these captures of her nursery walls!  It is just BEAUTIFUL! ♥

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12 Responses to “Newborns: Elowen Layne”

  1. Amy

    I love this little lady, and her newborn images are beautiful!

  2. Nona lancaster


  3. Melanie

    Absolutely stunning photography! Of course such a wonderful, beautiful and friendly family photograph makes it a little easier, but wow! ❤️

  4. Stephanie

    Beautiful baby, and beautiful photography!

  5. Kelsey Hughes

    Beautiful pictures!!!! You have a beautiful family Alyssa!

  6. Samantha

    Her belly rolls!! Love them. Love the pictures of all three of you. Miss you guys!!

  7. Susan Maesch

    Gorgeous photos of a beautiful family, inside and out. ❤️

  8. Susie Luyster

    Such sweet pictures 🙂

  9. April

    Such a little sweetie ❤️

  10. Amber


  11. Sue

    These are the sweetest pictures of the sweetest family. You do a wonderful job and you can see that your heart is in your work!

  12. Georgia

    Fabulous photos of a precious little girl. Love them all. Elowen has been blessed with two loving parents and them with an exceptional little girl.

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