Newborns: Maxwell Alexander

Welcome, dear Maxwell Alexander!!!  Oh, this little guy was the sleepiest, snuggliest baby!  He was happy just to let me work with him, and pose him so adorably! His parents and I had the best time chatting away during the session, and there were lots of “awww’s” with each new pose.  Maxwell, you are SO loved, and such a blessing to your family!  Loved that his nursery had lots of blues, reds, and nautical details, so I made sure to stick to tones that would look great up on the wall in that theme.  And check out the cute faces this little one shared with me!  I couldn’t help but giggle ♥  Maxwell kept his eyes open for just a few seconds for me to get a couple awake shots, and then he was quickly back to snoozing!  Congratulations, Ryan and Sarah!  He is a joy, and just perfection!

IMG_3682 IMG_3896IMG_3853 OtoStudio_BirthAnnouncement_35_backIMG_3980 IMG_3681IMG_3772IMG_4011 11x14 4 image collageIMG_3741 8x10Composite

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