Newborns: Vaughn Warner

Look at this gorgeous baby!  I know, I know… I should say “handsome,” but Vaughn Warner is just gorgeous!  This session was particularly special for me because I have now had the pleasure of photographing all three precious Stohlmann boys, and am SO GRATEFUL that Jodi and Tommy continue to give me this opportunity!  What an honor to watch this beautiful family grow ♥  And these lips, let’s just all “oooooh” and “ahhhhh” at these lips!  Vaughn was a delight to photograph, so content, sleepy, and easy going the entire session.  I’m trying to remember if I ever saw his eyes open!  Lincoln was so adorable with his baby brother, so gentle and loving!  And it has meant so much to photograph both Lincoln and Vaughn with brother Miles’ teddy bear, as he is always with them, and never forgotten. ♥ Welcome, precious Vaughn!  Congratulations, Tommy, Jodi, and big brother Lincoln!

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30 Responses to “Newborns: Vaughn Warner”

  1. Jodi

    Beth-Ann, I don’t know how you do it! Thank you so much for the gorgeous pictures of our boys.

    • Beth-Ann Lugar

      Thank YOU, Jodi ♥ It has been the biggest compliment that you all have chosen me to capture your sweet boys! Love to you all!!!

  2. K Harner

    Simply precious!

  3. Tracey

    gorgeous!! May God bless both of them <3

  4. Lorraine

    These pictures are beautiful. I love the one with the boys and the teddy bear. Absolutely precious! Could these boys be any cuter!!!

  5. Aaron Schlappi

    Love these pictures!!!

  6. Denee Schlappi

    So precious!!!

  7. Ally Fertitta

    Another precious Stohlmann boy! I have loved all the pictures of Miles, Lincoln, and now Vaughn!

  8. Ally Fertitta

    Another precious Stohlmann boy! I love all the pictures of Miles, Lincoln, and now Vaughn!

  9. Kriste Pettway

    These are beautiful! Love this sweet family

  10. Kelly Van Vliet

    “Those lips” is right!!!! He is so precious Jodi!!! So happy for you and Tommy. And the pics with Miles teddy bear, they just touch my heart!!!

  11. Cara Bryan

    Precious moments for sure

  12. Sherry Klawiter


  13. Sherry Klawiter

    Just so adorable!


    These pictures are absolutely precious!!!!

  15. Jason Stohlmann

    Proud uncle once again. The pictures are fantastic. Love that kid.


    They are ALL so precious!

  17. Alli Quick

    Precious newborn just like his brothers. Beautiful family and beautiful pictures!

  18. Sabrina Thome

    I always loved Tommy and Jodi and even fra from US I am in love with their suns. So beautiful and happy family!! Beijos from Brazil.

  19. Kathryn Carver

    So amazing. Love them.

  20. Jess Hayden

    Such precious moments captured in time! Love love love.

  21. Jess Yahner

    These photos are fantastic! Such beautiful boys!

  22. Michelle

    OMG…what a cutie!

  23. Carrie

    So adorable! These pictures are precious!!

  24. Mary Dixon

    Special babies for such special parents!

  25. Mary Dixon


  26. Crystal Gregory

    Gorgeous is right…All three of your boys are!! Congratulations again guys, and I just love his name!

  27. Beth McLean

    Just beautiful!!

  28. Jessie Lowery

    So handsome! And he does have prefect lips!

  29. Jana

    He looks like tommy! So precious!

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