Owens-Lugar Photography • Behind the Scenes

Want to watch a session in action? Here’s a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes of a newborn session I truly love working with these sweet little blessings, and so much patience, care, and planning goes into each and every custom session.  My client families are so pleased with the extra attention given to sanitation during the newborn session, both in the cleanliness of the studio, props, fabrics, and of course, me!!!  Throughout the entire session, I am sure to keep my hands sanitized, pacifier clean, and as an extra measure, I wear a surgical mask as to not breathe directly on your newborn.  The studio is kept at a balmy 85 degrees to keep your newborn warm and comfortable during the session.  An extra space heater is nearby to keep the blankets and props toasty for baby, and the wipe warmer makes clean up less chilly.  In addition to the baby, the soothing sound machine has been known to help parents catch a snooze while I am working 🙂  {Hooray!}

I am so grateful to Jillian’s mama, Lindsey, for sharing these videos she took during her baby’s session!  {Seriously, I have the BEST job!} ♥♥♥

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