May Milestones!

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!  In May we celebrated Blake, Sullivan, Reece, Jackson, Kayla, and Xander!  From cake smashing to first year milestones, we had lots of laughs!  As always, many thanks to Cupcake Cottage for the gorgeous cakes!  Smile on, friends! ♥

IMG_7040 IMG_7099 5 x 7 Template - No 2birthday boyIMG_6514 familykayla is one! Untitled-2xander

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Newborns: Vaughn Warner

Look at this gorgeous baby!  I know, I know… I should say “handsome,” but Vaughn Warner is just gorgeous!  This session was particularly special for me because I have now had the pleasure of photographing all three precious Stohlmann boys, and am SO GRATEFUL that Jodi and Tommy continue to give me this opportunity!  What an honor to watch this beautiful family grow ♥  And these lips, let’s just all “oooooh” and “ahhhhh” at these lips!  Vaughn was a delight to photograph, so content, sleepy, and easy going the entire session.  I’m trying to remember if I ever saw his eyes open!  Lincoln was so adorable with his baby brother, so gentle and loving!  And it has meant so much to photograph both Lincoln and Vaughn with brother Miles’ teddy bear, as he is always with them, and never forgotten. ♥ Welcome, precious Vaughn!  Congratulations, Tommy, Jodi, and big brother Lincoln!

IMG_7385IMG_7442OtoStudio_BirthAnnouncement_35_backIMG_7658IMG_7403IMG_74668x10CompositeIMG_7620IMG_741911x14 54 image collageIMG_7478Untitled-1IMG_7639IMG_7406

30 Responses to “Newborns: Vaughn Warner”

  1. Jodi

    Beth-Ann, I don’t know how you do it! Thank you so much for the gorgeous pictures of our boys.

    • Beth-Ann Lugar

      Thank YOU, Jodi ♥ It has been the biggest compliment that you all have chosen me to capture your sweet boys! Love to you all!!!

  2. K Harner

    Simply precious!

  3. Tracey

    gorgeous!! May God bless both of them <3

  4. Lorraine

    These pictures are beautiful. I love the one with the boys and the teddy bear. Absolutely precious! Could these boys be any cuter!!!

  5. Aaron Schlappi

    Love these pictures!!!

  6. Denee Schlappi

    So precious!!!

  7. Ally Fertitta

    Another precious Stohlmann boy! I have loved all the pictures of Miles, Lincoln, and now Vaughn!

  8. Ally Fertitta

    Another precious Stohlmann boy! I love all the pictures of Miles, Lincoln, and now Vaughn!

  9. Kriste Pettway

    These are beautiful! Love this sweet family

  10. Kelly Van Vliet

    “Those lips” is right!!!! He is so precious Jodi!!! So happy for you and Tommy. And the pics with Miles teddy bear, they just touch my heart!!!

  11. Cara Bryan

    Precious moments for sure

  12. Sherry Klawiter


  13. Sherry Klawiter

    Just so adorable!


    These pictures are absolutely precious!!!!

  15. Jason Stohlmann

    Proud uncle once again. The pictures are fantastic. Love that kid.


    They are ALL so precious!

  17. Alli Quick

    Precious newborn just like his brothers. Beautiful family and beautiful pictures!

  18. Sabrina Thome

    I always loved Tommy and Jodi and even fra from US I am in love with their suns. So beautiful and happy family!! Beijos from Brazil.

  19. Kathryn Carver

    So amazing. Love them.

  20. Jess Hayden

    Such precious moments captured in time! Love love love.

  21. Jess Yahner

    These photos are fantastic! Such beautiful boys!

  22. Michelle

    OMG…what a cutie!

  23. Carrie

    So adorable! These pictures are precious!!

  24. Mary Dixon

    Special babies for such special parents!

  25. Mary Dixon


  26. Crystal Gregory

    Gorgeous is right…All three of your boys are!! Congratulations again guys, and I just love his name!

  27. Beth McLean

    Just beautiful!!

  28. Jessie Lowery

    So handsome! And he does have prefect lips!

  29. Jana

    He looks like tommy! So precious!

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Newborns: Maxwell Alexander

Welcome, dear Maxwell Alexander!!!  Oh, this little guy was the sleepiest, snuggliest baby!  He was happy just to let me work with him, and pose him so adorably! His parents and I had the best time chatting away during the session, and there were lots of “awww’s” with each new pose.  Maxwell, you are SO loved, and such a blessing to your family!  Loved that his nursery had lots of blues, reds, and nautical details, so I made sure to stick to tones that would look great up on the wall in that theme.  And check out the cute faces this little one shared with me!  I couldn’t help but giggle ♥  Maxwell kept his eyes open for just a few seconds for me to get a couple awake shots, and then he was quickly back to snoozing!  Congratulations, Ryan and Sarah!  He is a joy, and just perfection!

IMG_3682 IMG_3896IMG_3853 OtoStudio_BirthAnnouncement_35_backIMG_3980 IMG_3681IMG_3772IMG_4011 11x14 4 image collageIMG_3741 8x10Composite

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April Milestones!

LOTS of reasons to celebrate in April!!!  We celebrated Camille, Jett, Morgan, Sadie, and Kinley!  These darling cuties made this month so fun, with baby’s first year milestones, cake smashes, and lots of smiles!  Thank you to my families who continue to trust me to capture their babies throughout the first year!  It is always so wonderful to watch them grow!  A few fun facts:  Kinley’s one year celebration set up was designed around her nursery theme!  What a happy, bright, and sunshiny nursery she has!  Loved the way the colors played together and turned out!  And Morgan’s fishing set up was inspired by a previous session her brother, Parker, had at this age.  What a cool idea!  And of course I had to get LOTS of shots of all these sweet baby toes!  Goodness, is there anything more precious?!!! ♥ Happy April, ya’ll! ♥

IMG_0133 IMG_0232 IMG_9987 IMG_9985IMG_4417 IMG_4341 IMG_4329 IMG_4303IMG_3249 IMG_3279 IMG_3315storyboardIMG_9614 e392 IMG_9724 IMG_9726 IMG_9787 IMG_9885

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Newborns: Baron Reid

Introducing handsome Baron Reid!  This little guy is just something else!  His lips, his little pout, what a precious baby boy!  And he is already so very loved by his big sisters, Reese and Rowan.  They were angels when posing with their little brother ♥  I was so in love with the floral headbands their mom brought in, and the sweet and timeless dresses they wore.  What a lovely, classic look for their images.  I first met this adorable family during the Fall Family Mini Sessions at Camp Bethel, and we had such a good time on the swings, and playing outside.  When Marianna asked if I could get a few pictures of just she and Ed for a couple maternity shots, we started talking about a newborn session for their new addition.  I’m thrilled that they were so pleased with their fall images, and chose me to capture their newborn baby boy!  And I loved the soft color palette Marianna chose, with soft greys, browns, and creams.  All of them complimented their handsome boy so well ♥  He was such an easy going, sleepy baby for me, too.  I had a blast working with him, and honestly could have kept him!  Congratulations, Ed, Marianna, Reese, and Rowan!

IMG_5063IMG_524411x14 4 image collageIMG_5208Untitled-1IMG_5314IMG_5095IMG_5284IMG_5205IMG_5234OtoStudio_BirthAnnouncement_35_back

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Newborns: Jillian Claire

Awe, what a little love bug!  Jillian Claire was so super sleepy for her session with me, but yet opened her gorgeous eyes for a few lovely images too!  After looking around and taking it all in, she was happy to go right back to sleep!  It was so great to see her mama, Lindsey, who is a high school friend from what feels like just yesterday.  So thankful to be able to work with so many friends in capturing the newness of their precious babies!  Lindsey had really loved the classic froggy newborn pose, and we were so excited that Jillian rocked that pose not just once at her session, but TWICE!  I had so much fun with all the mints, ivory, sparkles, and soft pinks ♥  Such beautiful colors on darling Jillian!  After the session, I got right to work on designing custom layouts for the Miller’s Signature Photo Album.  It is truly stunning, and a wonderful keepsake for their family!  Congratulations, Lindsey and Mark!  She is so adorable!

IMG_3632OtoStudio_BirthAnnouncement_385_backIMG_3300Untitled-918x108CompositeIMG_3364Untitled-41IMG_3244IMG_330911x145 4 image collage

7 Responses to “Newborns: Jillian Claire”

  1. Lindsey

    We can’t thank you enough for capturing our sweet baby Jillian in such a beautiful way! You’re so talented and have such a way with newborns. I know we’ll see you again in the years to come!

    • Beth-Ann Lugar

      Awe, it was my pleasure, Lindsey! Thank you so much for your kind review ♥ I love the newborns and cannot get enough of them!!! Look forward to seeing you all for future sessions!

  2. Janet

    Beth-Ann, So happy that I was able to experience the photo session with you, Lindsey and Jillian. You were truly amazing with Jillian and captured such beautiful, sweet photos! I love the baby book of all her photos – it is such a keepsake. Can’t wait for you to do Jillian’s first birthday photo! Thanks so much! Grandma Janet

    • Beth-Ann Lugar

      Thank you so much, Janet, for your sweet comments! I loved that you were there to share in the experience, and I’m sure you are absolutely loving every moment with Jillian!!! I cannot wait to see you all again for her first year celebration! ♥♥♥

  3. Pete

    Amazing photos…how in the world do you get her to pose like this? Such a cutie! Pop

  4. Carolyn

    Beautiful pictures! Love all the different positions Jillian is in – so precious!

  5. Heather

    Absolutely gorgeous photos – and beautiful baby!

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Newborns: Dylan Ryan

I was SO excited when Stephen sent me an email that he and Tiffany were expecting their first baby boy!!!  Tiffany and Stephen were amazing to work with for their downtown Roanoke engagement session, and I was just thrilled to see how they included engagement images on their wedding invitations, too!  Love to see how creative clients are in sharing their beautiful keepsake images with friends and family.  ♥  Dylan Ryan is SO cute, look at these sweet chubby cheeks!!!  Oh, he was so sweet at his session, too.  He let me mold him and pose him for hours, and was just as content and happy as he could be!  From the fabric shots, to the flokati, to the moon, to the bucket, to the family shots, Dylan ROCKED his session!  I don’t think I ever saw an eye open, except maybe when it was time to fill his tummy!  Daddy brought in his favorite jersey and we were so happy to get a football picture of his new baby boy!  Such a beautiful family.  Congratulations, Stephen and Tiffany on your darling little one!  And THANK YOU for thinking of me again to capture another happy moment ♥

IMG_4607 owens-lugar photography IMG_4871IMG_4823IMG_4728IMG_46578x10CompositeIMG_4802IMG_4832 IMG_4818 IMG_4886IMG_4644

11 Responses to “Newborns: Dylan Ryan”

  1. Denise Johnson

    These are the most amazing pictures, you do a wonderful job! This family is beautiful. Dylan is the apple of my eye. I can’t get enough looking at these!

  2. Kelly Deacon

    Auntie Kelly loves you!!!!

  3. Jill

    Beautiful baby!! Beautiful parents!! Beautiful photos filled with love!!!!

  4. Renee

    Simply beautiful!

  5. Jill

    Beautiful baby…beautiful parents. Photos are filled with love.

  6. Melissa


  7. Morgan Taylor

    Absolutely Precious!!!

  8. Michele Foose

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family.

  9. Ashley

    He is just super adorable and these pictures are stunning

  10. Dennis

    Like his uncle

  11. Nono

    That’s my Grandson!

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Newborns: Ari Timothy

It is really the BEST compliment to have the opportunity to photograph siblings, and this session was no exception!  Jana and I first met while working together to photograph several weddings, and we became fast friends ♥  It means so much that she trusted me to capture her first baby’s newness, her maternity moments, and now her second baby boy’s session.  Ari Timothy is just adorable, with his newborn rolls, chubby cheeks, and sweet snuggles.  And he slept!  Jana and Matt were wondering if their new baby boy would follow in big brother Chase’s footsteps and stay awake and alert for his session, or if he would give us some sleepy shots.  And sure enough, he did a great job!  Just wait until you see the BIG SMILES he shared with me during the session, too!  Oh, my goodness.  Baby fever allll over again ♥  I love my job!  Seriously, it’s the best to be able to capture these quickly fleeting moments for families and friends alike.  I was SO excited to work with Ari and big brother Chase to give my dear friend those shots that all mothers adore.  Ari means “Lion” in Hebrew, so when Ari gave this big grin in the shot with the lion props, I just melted!  Congratulations, Jana, Matt, and big brother Chase!  I look forward to being a part of many more happy moments ♥

IMG_0898OtoStudio_BirthAnnouncement_35_backIMG_1001IMG_0910IMG_1104Untitled-1IMG_0787IMG_10738x10Composit5eIMG_0982IMG_1012 IMG_1102

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Newborns: Lilly Wade

This baby, ya’ll!  Oh, goodness ♥  I have known the Lillys for years and years, and they are such dear friends of the family, that really, they are family!   Andrea’s dad and my dad were best buds and played many rounds of golf together, and Andrea’s mom worked with my dad for many years.  Don’t you love how special friends just become family over the years?  I was so fortunate to photograph Andrea’s nephew, Donnie, not too long ago {and boy is he precious!}, and it was so exciting to now capture this sweet blessing, too!  Andrea and Tyler, I am just over the moon about your new little angel, and THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to work with her!  She is just perfection.  And take a peek at this GORGEOUS Easter basket!  How awesome will it be for little Lilly to use this basket year after year, and then look back and see just how preciously teeny she really was!  I love using personal items from home during sessions!  Also, a huge thank you to both Andrea and her mom for the very kind reviews they shared after Lilly’s newborn session! {see comments at end of post}  ♥  Congratulations to the Lilly-Thomas Families on their new little addition!

IMG_051911x14 74 image collageIMG_05788x10Composit5eIMG_0239IMG_0334OtoStudio_BirthAnnouncement_305_backIMG_0247Untitled-19IMG_0328IMG_0590

“Wow!! I am so impressed with your studio. And YOU! I don’t know that I can think of enough adjectives to describe you. You are so meticulous in every detail of handling a new infant. The attention to health, sanitation, and their comfort. The positioning of their little bodies, and the accessories. You have thought of everything. You need to be holding workshops and not going to them. You far exceeded my expectations. I’m now back again to just, “wow.” -Karen

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Newborns: Elowen Layne

Oh, this little lady has style!  Elowen Layne’s parents came to me for Maternity Portraits and it was so fun getting to know them, and share in the excitement of this little girl’s arrival!  Elowen’s mama, Alyssa, has such a gorgeous nursery ready for this sweet pea, complete with gold, mint, soft creams, and corals.  It is so stunning, it really should be featured on a nursery Pinterest board!  Amazing ♥  {See below the post for some cell shots her mama shared with me after the session!  Gorgeous!}  So, for this session, we picked out tones and colors that will compliment the nursery and look great on the walls.  And Elowen did so great at her session, she ROCKED the poses, looking so squishy and itty bitty!  I had a blast working with her, and really wanted to keep her!  Enjoy your new bundle of joy, Alyssa and Andy!!!

11x148 4 image collage8x10CompositeIMG_3498IMG_3585Untitled-81IMG_3635OtoStudio_BirthAnnouncement_356_backIMG_3490IMG_3375IMG_3657OtoStudio_BirthAnnouncement_359_back

Thanks, Alyssa, for sharing these captures of her nursery walls!  It is just BEAUTIFUL! ♥

13459661_10101511118074384_692454053_n 13467255_10101511118024484_28866064_o

12 Responses to “Newborns: Elowen Layne”

  1. Amy

    I love this little lady, and her newborn images are beautiful!

  2. Nona lancaster


  3. Melanie

    Absolutely stunning photography! Of course such a wonderful, beautiful and friendly family photograph makes it a little easier, but wow! ❤️

  4. Stephanie

    Beautiful baby, and beautiful photography!

  5. Kelsey Hughes

    Beautiful pictures!!!! You have a beautiful family Alyssa!

  6. Samantha

    Her belly rolls!! Love them. Love the pictures of all three of you. Miss you guys!!

  7. Susan Maesch

    Gorgeous photos of a beautiful family, inside and out. ❤️

  8. Susie Luyster

    Such sweet pictures 🙂

  9. April

    Such a little sweetie ❤️

  10. Amber


  11. Sue

    These are the sweetest pictures of the sweetest family. You do a wonderful job and you can see that your heart is in your work!

  12. Georgia

    Fabulous photos of a precious little girl. Love them all. Elowen has been blessed with two loving parents and them with an exceptional little girl.

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