Newborn: Maxwell Oliver

Oh, Maxwell!  You made me have some serious baby fever!  What a precious little boy, easy going, sleepy, and preciously squishy!  Loved working with his family again, and big sister Ella is so smitten with her baby brother!  It was really great to see her again, as I photographed Ella a few years ago!  Time flies 🙂  Congratulations, Ivy, Adam and Ella on your new member of the family ♥

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Maternity: Paige + John

This lovely couple so ROCKED their maternity session!  We took this session to the studio property, and made use of the hay fields, barn boards, fencing, and open spaces 🙂  Loved Paige in these gorgeous maternity gowns!  The mustard dress is from Sew Trendy Accessories, along with the stunning floral halo!  The champagne tutu maternity gown is a custom order from La Di Designs in Daleville, VA.  Paige looked gorgeous in both of them, and I am so very excited to meet their precious baby boy very soon!!! ♥


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  1. Carol Branham

    Beautiful Pictures – LOVE all of them!!

    So glad to have baby Lincoln here!

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Newborns: Tessa Mae

What a beautiful baby girl!!!  Look at her hair, her amazing eye contact, and her sweet features!  Katie and Kevin were back in to see me for their newborn session, and I loved every minute of working with their new little one!  She is so loved, so adored, and already has the best big sister and brother in Gabby and Patrick.  Welcome, precious one ♥  Congratulations to the Davis Family!

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  1. Becca Poe

    What a beautiful family! I love these photos.

  2. Priscilla davis

    Such a beautiful family

  3. Nancy

    I love the “believe” picture so much!!

  4. Heather

    Sweet babies! Love love love these pictures!

  5. Tiffany

    Beautiful family!

  6. Jenn

    Tessa looks even better outside of you than she did in your awesome preggo photos! 😉

  7. Lilian

    Such a beautiful and
    wonderful family!

  8. Sunny p

    So sweet!

  9. Cheri Whitlow Davis

    Love this family and all of the pictures!

  10. Bethany

    These are fabulous pictures of an awesome family. 🙂

  11. Christine

    I love these pics !

  12. Krista

    So adorable!!! 🙂

  13. Michele

    I love my second family. So adorable

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December Milestones!

Miles and Vishal are turning O-N-E!!!!  Happy birthday to you sweet boys!  LOVE the set ups and decor for these sessions!  So so *fun*!!!  Awesome fox cake by Cupcake Cottage and Sweet Treats in Daleville, VA.


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Newborns: Madeline Cora Flynn

Well, this little girl is just so happy!  Madeline flashed several beautiful smiles at her newborn session with me, and just couldn’t have been easier to work with if she tried!  This session was super special to me, as Madeline’s parents and I know each other from our good ole’ high school days!  Julie and Zak are already the most caring parents to their little girl, and I can see the joy and love for her all over their faces!  What a delight to capture her for some great old friends!  Congratulations, Julie and Zak, on the arrival of your princess!!! ♥

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Maternity: Katie + Kevin

This sweet family is so fun!  I had the best time at Katie + Kevin’s maternity session, just chatting away like old friends ♥  It is one of the best blessings of this job:  getting to know wonderful, loving families like this one.  Katie’s family is blessed to soon welcome another little girl, Tessa Mae!  Working with Patrick and Gabby was a blast, and they are some of the most polite and genuinely kind children I’ve had the pleasure to photograph!  Looking so forward to meeting the new addition, guys!  xoxo

Untitled-1IMG_6127IMG_6098Three_Squares_Three_Rectangles_Grid09IMG_6058IMG_6103owenslugar photography

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  1. Emily


  2. H Merideth

    Beautiful mama.

    So glad Tessa is here. ❤️

  3. Kelly Martin

    I love these 🙂 So pretty.

  4. R Alls

    Beautiful family and beautiful photos.

  5. Priscilla davis

    So pretty love them

  6. Nancy

    Beautiful pictures! You look like a goddess in that white outfit!

  7. Andrea

    STUNNING!!!! I love these…

  8. Brittany

    So much beauty & happiness here !

  9. Heather

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL family!! Love yall!!

  10. Sunny P

    I love these! They are fantastic!

  11. Kendra

    Beautiful family! I love the white outfit.

  12. Tiffany

    Gorgeous pictures!!!

  13. Jenn

    So beautiful! Great photography. 🙂

  14. Krista

    Beautiful!!! 🙂

  15. Stephanie Anderson


  16. Ryan

    So beautiful!!!

  17. Tammy fisher

    Beautiful picture, such a happy looking family!!

  18. Erin

    Love these, beautiful!

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Fall Family Minis!

WOW!  What a great turnout for this year’s Fall Family Minis!  It was so much fun seeing everyone for their minis, and Camp Bethel couldn’t have been a more beautiful location for the sessions.  Enjoy browsing through a few images from each session!  Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! ♥


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Newborns: Cayran Jayce

Look at this cutie pie ♥  Cayran Jayce came to see me, and was just as content as could be all snuggled up in my wraps and sleep sacks 🙂  I knew the colors his mama picked out for the session would all look so great together, classic blue, gray and cream.  He rocked his session, and I was thrilled we were able to get the moon prop shot, which was the one his family really wanted!  Big brother Casey is already so great with the new addition.  So adorable!  Congratulations, RoseAnna and Rex!  ♥

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November Milestones!

Check out these two darling girls who came to see me for their milestones!  Camille has grown and changed so much since her newborn session!  How can she already be 4 months old?!?!  Time flies when you’re having FUN!!!  And Joclyn and Evelyn are looking beautiful in purple as they celebrate turning the big O-N-E!!!!  Gorgeous cakes by Cupcake Cottage and Sweet Treats in Daleville, VA 🙂 What a fun time with these precious little ones ♥

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Newborns: Jackson Lee

Look at this beautiful red hair!  Red hair runs in my family as well, and we were actually hoping our little girl would inherit this gorgeous color!  Jackson Lee was absolutely a super star at his newborn session.  What an easy going baby!  He let me mold him into every adorable, squishy pose possible!  Such a sweet little guy.  Love the West Virginia blanket and cap the parents brought for that personal touch to the session!  Congratulations, Kayla and Troy!  He’s perfection. ♥

IMG_304711x14 4 image collageIMG_3055IMG_3023IMG_29965 x 7 Template - No 3IMG_3061

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