Beth-Ann, Newborn Photographer


Photography has always been my passion, and I am very thankful to be able to work with growing families!  I started loving photography when I was a pre-teen, and really, the obsession never wavered. Although after college I went on to teach high school Spanish for 8 years, photography remained my main interest. 

So, in March of 2010, I decided to move forward with photography full time.  It’s been a joy – from bridals and weddings, to babies and children, I have enjoyed so much from this adventure.  In July of 2011, we welcomed our first baby girl, Emma, and since then my focus has shifted to maternity, newborns and baby’s 1st year milestones.  I knew right away that these portraits were my love. I just can't get enough newborn squishiness!
Nothing beats sharing in the excitement as a couple celebrates their pregnancy, seeing the love in their eyes as I mold and pose their new baby in precious ways, and the tears of happiness when parents first see these captures created for them to cherish forever.  Those adorably chubby cheeks, wiggling toes, soft tufts of hair, and yummy baby rolls are over-the-top precious!   I’m so grateful that my clients trust in me to capture these amazing times for their families.  It is truly an honor!
These captures are created with great love, care, and patience.  These gentle sessions ensure that your little one is forever remembered as teeny and curled as when first born.  Thank you for allowing me to create lifelong memories for you and your family!