- FAQs -

Where is your studio?  
Our studio is located in Troutville, Virginia, and is 1100 square feet of props, blankets, headbands, buckets, and photography equipment.  Everything I will need for your session is in studio, set up, and ready to go.  This enables the session to run seamlessly, with all items close at hand.  
Do you supply the newborn props, like bonnets, headbands, wraps, etc?
Sure do.  I have a truly silly amount of props for your session.  Typically, clients will give me an idea of their preferred colors and I will pair props accordingly.  More and more props come in monthly, so don't worry!  There is never a shortage of cute things for me to use to compliment your session.  All props are kept tastefully minimal and timeless to keep the focus and attention on your little bundle. 
What kind of training have you had with newborns?
I have been photographing and working with newborns since 2010, and have received training from a nationally recognized newborn photographer.  Such training added to my own knowledge and experience to allow for a smooth session flow with newborns, always keeping safety of first and foremost importance. 
When is the best time to have my maternity session?  The best time for maternity portraits is when you are 32-36 weeks.  Please book your maternity session at least two months before this time so an open date is securely held for you.

Can my husband and other children join in the maternity session?  What about my dog?
Yes, yes, and definitely yes!  Including your loved ones in this exciting time is encouraged!  And we wouldn't leave out your four legged baby!  Should you like to include your pup in the maternity session, please have a friend or family member who is not participating in the session accompany your furry friend.  It will help to have another person there to entertain your doggy and hold his leash while we are shooting.

Do you supply the maternity gowns and belly sashes?
Yes, I have several gowns and accessories in the client closet!  You are welcome to use any maternity gowns and belly sashes in the studio, as well as shabby chalkboards, ribbons, and other accessories.  More and more items come in monthly.  Be sure to check with me beforehand, as I may have what you need already!

What should we wear to our session? 
When you book your sessions, a Welcome Packet will be emailed to you.  In that packet are tons of great tips, ideas, and suggestions for clothing choices, and other important bits regarding your sessions.  It's very helpful!

When is the best time to have a newborn session?
I photograph newborns within the first two weeks of life so your little one is still teeny tiny and sleepy.  Newborns older than two weeks are more alert, awake, and more resistant to posing.

When is the best time to have my preemie newborn session?
As soon as your little one is home from the hospital, it is time to have the session!  I have worked with newborns as small as not yet 5 pounds, and every safety precaution is taken just as it is with all newborn sessions.  Hands are properly washed, and sanitized throughout the session, and I wear a surgical mask the entire time just to be sure your preemie is not exposed to any germies.  Our studio is also sanitized weekly with a steam cleaning.  Should your baby arrive earlier than expected, please just get in touch with me as soon as possible to schedule the session!

How do I pay for my session?
Clients may book their session with Personal Check, or a credit card via PayPal.

* Please contact me for more pricing information, products available for purchase, and in-depth session details.